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Home Warranty - All our home buyers get a free 1-year home warranty with each purchase. This warranty is our way of thanking all our customers for their business! Just call the warranty company if a major system of your home is broken. The warranty company will first try to repair and if this is not possible then they will replace the broken system for free.
Why Are Home Warranties a Good Idea for Buyers? Buying a home is a large expense. No buyer wants a major system to fail in the first year. Although inspections limit this risk they do not eliminate it. In fact, just the fact that you will use the property differently than the previous owner, means that certain systems may be more susceptible to failure.

Thus, as a gift to our buyers, we make sure that the major systems of your home are covered for repair or replacement in the first year of your ownership.

Can You Get a Warranty For More Than 1 Year?You can pay to renewed your home warranty every year if you like. Yet, we have found that by end of your 1st year of ownership, most property owners have grown comfortable with the future repairs that are required. Any unexpected repairs in the first year have been made. Thus, we advise that you contact us to see if a renewal is a prudent strategy for your homeownership. The cost is several hundred dollars and can be an unnecessary expense at this point.

Who Handles Warranty Claims?Our team purchases home warranties through Hisco. The service needs of our homeowners are handled by a staff with a unique background of warranty experience combined with having been in the retail service contracting business. When the homeowner reports a problem Hisco understands it because they have actual 'hands-on" experience in addressing service problems. For Hisco a homeowner's satisfaction is their goal. Hisco's experience and integrity guarantee it.

We issue Hisco warranties because our customers rave about the help they provide.
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