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Planning Your Estate and Your Legacy
We create a legacy by who we are, in the actions we take during our lives, and by the resources and values we leave behind when we die.

Legacy may include: memories we create over a lifetime, financial gifts, making the world a better place, or passing on our wisdom to others. Legacy Planning gives each of us the opportunity to accomplish our goals, both now and after we are gone.

Our team recognizes that creating a legacy involves much more than just the production of legal documents. Thus, our estate attorney takes a wholistic approach to estate planning, recognizing that each client is unique. For example, creating your legacy may involve planning end of life health care, spiritual beliefs, charitable goals, child rearing concerns, grief counseling, business succession, insurance protection, financial investments, and memorializing life experiences for successive generations to enjoy.

We have found that legacy concerns always emerge when our customers are buying or selling real estate. For instance, all customers must face the probate concerns surrounding the ownership of real property. This is why we have arranged for all our customers to receive a free initial consultation with our team's estate attorney. We know the value of identifying and caring for our customers legacy concerns.
Estate Planning
Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that happens
when everything is in place to secure their legacies.
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