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How Does Financial Planning Give You a Competitive Advantage?
Our mortgage experts partner with Certified Financial Planners™ and Chartered Financial Analysts® to determine an approach that will meet your complex financial needs. Our financial and mortgage experts use an integrated analysis process. They utilize proprietary software to create a personalized financial forecast for each of our clients. This software lets us forecast our clients’ financial futures by addressing the various “what ifs” in life:
  • What is the most appropriate purchase price for my home?

  • What would be the best down payment for my situation?

  • What impact does my down payment have on my retirement?

  • Will I be able to afford my home in retirement?

  • What if I retire at age 65? How about age 67?
With the immediate and client specific results this software provides, our experts can determine which variables can be adjusted to create the most significant impact on our clients’ financial futures. Our financial experts services and their proprietary software advantage is complimentary to our customers.

Our Financial PhilosophyBuying a home is as much a financial decision as it is a lifestyle decision. We believe financial advice is key when purchasing a home. Our team of experts provides financial advice and tools to Bay Area homeowners in their efforts to manage their housing needs, maintain a comfortable lifestyle, provide a college education for their children, and save enough for a long retirement. The complex interactions among these demands require a comprehensive approach to home financing.

We believe that our customer's primary, secondary and investment real estate is an Asset Class that needs to be managed as a key part of their net worth and overall accumulation strategy. Buying or selling a home gives our customers a unique opportunity to design, develop and consider their entire financial strategy.

Our goal is to help you arrange the most tax-efficient loan scenario that is appropriate for your complete financial situation – one that won't betray your financial objectives.
Financial Planning
Our financial planners use proprietary planning software to analyse
your specific situation and help you make prudent financial decisions.
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