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What advantage does our mortgage banking expert give our customers?
Because our mortgage advisor reviews and accounts for your financial situation as part of an overall financial plan, our customers make sound financial decisions when choosing from the many different mortgage products available. Our customers sleep soundly knowing that they have chosen their loan based on grounded financial assessments. Our experts don't peddle mortgage products; they tailor the products available and appropriate to your specific situation.

What's the difference between mortgage banking and regular lending?
A mortgage bank is the combination of a traditional bank and a mortgage brokerage. Like a traditional bank, a mortgage bank processes, underwrites, documents and funds all of its own loans. This can be critically important for our clients to be working directly with the lender who is making the timely commitments on being able to fund their mortgage. And like a mortgage brokerage, a mortgage bank has the ability to underwrite to the guidelines many institutions. So when the rates and mortgage programs differ from one lender to another, the mortgage bank has the ease of switching to the preferred lender and program while maintaining control over the completion of the transaction. When rates, guidelines, loan programs and credit markets are constantly influx, control and flexibility are paramount to completing your transaction smoothly and cost-effectively.
All mortgage banks are not the same.
Our mortgage bank works directly with dozens of lenders, including the five largest lenders in the U.S.: Chase, Citi, GMAC, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. We are both FHA and VA approved lender, including reverse mortgages.

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