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Seller's Financial ConcernsThe first thing we do for our sellers is listen. Listening helps us to assess your objectives. Why are you selling? What is your ultimate strategy? Where are you headed?
Inevitably our customers come to us with unique backgrounds and financial concerns. Minimally these financial concerns need to be heard and sometimes they need to be explored for us to help you tailor a sales strategy that fits you. For instance, where are you going to put the proceeds from your sale? Are you going to be purchasing another property or are you removing your money from the housing markets? How is the sale of your current property a prudent financial decision?

Thus, all our sellers receive access to a free meeting with our financial planner. We are here to help our sellers make grounded financial decisions.
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Repairs and Improvements for Sale
Sellers often need to make repairs and improvements to their properties before sale. We advise our owners and sellers on what repairs and upgrades will net them the highest return possible. Remodeling Magazine offers a cost verses value report for the San Francisco Bay Area that can be helpful. We have provided a free download of the report to the right.
    • We produce bids from contractors for our sellers.
    • We provide staging consultations and a staging bid.
    • We help our sellers prioritize repairs, improvements and staging costs.
    • We help our sellers produce a budget that fits their specific situation.
    • We advise our sellers on which improvements will maximize their return on investment.
Should You Stage Your Home for Sale? Staging is a cost that is appropriate for some sellers and not others. We work with group of stagers that provide both complete staging services and also staging consultations for property owners that just need basic furniture editing or a rearrangement of what they already own. We have found that this can maximize aesthetic features of your property while minimizing the cost of your next sale.
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